Aspire Grant Program Awardee

Madountsap Nadège

Biodiversity and Dynamics of Carbon Stocks in Agroforestry Systems Cocoa from Cameroon Centre Region

Our PhD thesis project focuses on the assessment of biodiversity and the comparative study of carbon sequestration three cacao agroforestry systems: traditional; SODECAO and he said “innovative” in the Region of Cameroon Centre. In view of the objectives such as improving cocoa production at different scales sought by each system, and since the establishment of “innovative” said a systems assessment work is required.

So the issue here is whether the “innovative” systems more responsive to the characteristics observed in other systems ie productivity, shading and carbon sequestration. In other words it is a question of making comparative work between the three of Cameroon cocoa agroforestry systems to see which is economically profitable and sequesters more carbon as there is very little precise information on the amount of carbon that each of these systems is capable of sequestering and which (Traditional; SODECAO; or innovative) is best suited to the implementation of the Kyoto program which aims to promote sustainable development of producing little or no emissions. And The general objective of this study is to assess the biodiversity and carbon dynamics in cocoa agroforests systems (traditional, SODECAO and he said “innovative”) made in the Central region of Cameroon.