To complete your application you will need:

  1. Contact Information
  2. Description of Proposed Project
  3. Budget (not to exceed $5,000 USD)
  4. Curriculum Vitae and Two Letters of Reference

2019 Application Period is now open. Application Deadline is July 15, 2019

1. Contact Information

2. Description of Proposed Project

Please attach a detailed description of the proposed project, including project goals and objectives, activities, methods, timeline, field locations and laboratory work. Please limit this text to two pages, not including any figures, tables, and maps.

3. Budget

Please specify the amount requested for this project (not to exceed $5000 USD).

Please attach a detailed total budget for this project, including funding from this proposal and other sources, identifying these other sources, and include the following line items: travel, per diem, equipment and services (field and laboratory), administrative costs (e.g., phone, postage, etc.)

Please attach an explanation for the budget, including a specific justification for each of the line items identified above.

4. Curriculum Vitae

Please attach your CV and include in this CV the following information: affiliation(s) – students should include their current degree program(s) and other professionals should include their department(s) and title(s) (i.e., Professor, Associate Professor, Research Assistant, etc.); research experience, including completed and pending projects; publications; and special qualifications relevant to the success of this project.

Please attach letters from two references who can provide an appraisal of the proposed project and your qualifications to successfully perform this work.